At the dawn of 1938 two entrepreneurs came together to start a Californian distribution company of the finest British and American motorcycles and motorcycle clothing, delivering them to a new wanderlust-starved American teenager. That company would be called Johnson Motors.

Through racing their motorcycles in the barren deserts of Death Valley and the dry lakes of El Mirage, those young Americans chose blue jeans, t-shirts and leather jackets to take on the most extreme and deadliest conditions of nature’s wrath.

In the pre-dawn desert with temperatures below zero to the scorching midday sun and highs reaching 120° F, they pitted themselves in the true American tradition of “All or nothing, death or glory” in jeans and a t-shirt. Our clothing is built on that same ethos, that same enduring spirit of those pioneers of utility clothing. American made, in the state of California… in the industrious city of Los Angeles.

Johnson Motors.

Made the way you remember.