Skull & Pistons Large Note



This is the classic soft-bound notebook that was standard military issue from 1914. If it got wet, it dried out. The batteries never went flat and not once did it lose it's signal. One was able to jot down all the important info needed or notes to loved ones. Fits in your chest pocket, or back jeans pocket. Keep one in your tool roll with your bike's details, one in your glove box as back-up address book or pocket sketchbook. This was the perfect accessory every man carried and should carry again as a monthly journal, that one day your children may discover with your handwritten memories.

These notebooks are made in Portland, Oregon and then hand silkscreen printed by Johnson Motors at our Sunset Junction headquarters in Silverlake.

This white paged soft-lined larger sized version is 7 x 5 inches. 32 pages, made from 100% recycled papers.

Summer 2018